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Ginger: Reminiscent of a tart and sweet ginger ale with just the right amount of fizz and kick. This is the gateway kombucha.

Ingredients: Water, kombucha culture, cane sugar*, black tea*, ginger*. (*Organic).


Small Batch Kegs

Organic Lemongrass Ginger
Organic Pink Peppercorn Sumac
Organic Earl Grey
Mojito - made with leftover Dominion City Brewing Co. zested limes
Moscow Mule - made with leftover Dominion City Brewing Co. zested limes
Cranberry Orange Spice - made with non-GMO cranberries and organic spices
Organic Blue Majik Lime
Organic E3 Live Lime
Organic Raspberry Vanilla
Organic Orange Mango Turmeric
Organic Orange Mango Ginger
Organic Ginger
Organic Raspberry Mint
Organic Elderberry - made with Ontario/Quebec elderberries
Organic Sour Cherry Vanilla - made with Niagara cherries
Organic Original 
Cherry Rose
Cherry Vanilla Rose
Organic Lemonade
Organic Creamsicle
Local Strawberry from Avonmore Farm and Local & Organic Rhubarb from Ironwood Organics
Niagara Peach
“Gingerbread” Kombucha
“Cherry Candy Cane” Kombucha
Organic Ginger and Local Apple
Pu’erh Mandarin
Local Pear and Mint
Niagara Grape Kombucha