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County Bounty Soda Flavours

RASPBERRY AND LIME: This delicious combination is made from ‘Boyne’ raspberries because of their rich colour and intense flavour, along with freshly squeezed lime juice. We mix it up with both white and brown sugar to give this drink lots of body. It is pure summer fun in a bottle and your mouth is sure to loves every sip! Mix with: Tequila, light rum, dark rum, or vodka. Nutritional Info: 30g Carbs per can

STRAWBERRY BASIL: Summer strawberry sweetness with a savoury basil note - a great way to remember those hot summer days on the beach or in your garden. This is one of our simplest, yet most perfect combinations. Pairs well with a fresh garden salad or a juicy bbq steak. Mix with: Vodka, rye or gin. Nutritional Info: 30g Carbs per can

SOUR CHERRY AND MINT: A sweet treat, and not sour at all! Sour cherries are not actually sour, and are just one of many different kinds of cherries. We use them over ‘sweet’ cherries because we LOVE the flavour of them, and when paired with mint, you can’t go wrong. It’s refreshing, juicy and full of flavour. Mix with: Rum (mojito), vodka or rose gin. Nutritional Info: 30g Carbs per can

APPLE, LEMON AND FENNEL: Don’t let the word fennel turn you off! This soda tastes like the best lemonade you’ve ever had because it’s not insanely sweet, not insanely sour, and mixes so so well with gin. The fennel blends perfectly with the apples and lemon juice so that it doesn’t stand out, but amplifies all the other flavours. We use The Campbell’s Orchards Ida Reds or Empires to add a tart element, keeping the pucker in your lemonade. Mix with: Gin, vodka or gin (lol). Nutritional Info: 30g Carbs per can

RHUBARB CITRUS PEEL: This one is a weird one (and we mean that in the best way possible)! Imagine full-bodied, tangy rhubarb, plus all the pithiness from the peels and boom - you’ve got the best “grapefruit” drink this side of the equator. When we juice the lemons and limes for the other flavours we save back all the peels for this soda so that we can “use all parts of the fruits” and not unnecessarily add waste to the world. Mix with: Citrus forward gins. Nutritional Info: 18g Carb per can

FORAGED BOTANICALS TONIC: This soda is made completely from foraged ingredients! We spend some time on the county roads foraging for Staghorn Sumac, Juniper Berries (from scrubby Eastern Cedars), Cedar leaves and Pine needles. The sumac hits your tongue with a tartness that mellows into a beautiful forest flavour and then the tannins from the bark hits and dries out your mouth, making this the perfect tonic for your gin. Mix with: Barrel aged spirits in general (bourbon, gin, rye). Nutritional Info: 22g Carb per can

LAVENDER LEMON-BASIL: Fresh, floral, and easy to drink. I have converted A LOT of skeptics who think Lavender is meant only for soaps. The culinary lavender we use is smooth and aromatic, but not overwhelming. The lemon basil blends perfectly and we add a touch of citric acid to make your mouth smile. A great start to a great cocktail. We especially like this one with a splash of St. Germaine! Nutritional Info: 22g Carb per can

WILD GRAPE GINGER: This is another soda we spend a lot of time foraging for. We get the grapes in the fall fresh from farm fences and put them straight into this drink. These grapes are tangy, powerful and mind-blowing. We cook ginger in with the grapes when we make the syrups, which adds a subtle ginger background note, so don’t think grape soda or ginger ale….this is in a league of it’s own. Mix with: Sortilege or other whiskeys. Nutritional Info: 30 g carbs per can

ROSE-HIBISCUS HOPS: This flavour has been best described as an “adult cream soda”. The rosehips and hibiscus pack a big punch and the bitter hops bring you back down to earth. This soda is light, cheerful, and has many people hooked! No other flavour, when loved, is loved as much. Mix with: Cream de Cassis or vodka. Nutritional Info: 22g Carb per can

Pineapple Vanilla: We collaborated with Burger Revolution to bring you our version of cream soda using fresh pineapple juice, local honey and a touch of vanilla. It's soft, mellow and refreshing! Mix with: Triple Sec, light and dark rum, Vodka Nutritional info: 25g Carb per can

(Seasonal) Cherry Vanilla: Dark sweet cherries with rich and creamy brown sugar notes make for something almost like a cherry cola. Pair with a burger or a slice of pizza in the yard on a beautiful summer's day. Mix with: Amaretto!! Nutritional info: 30g carb per can
Blueberry Lemon Maple: Fresh juiced lemons, local blueberries and a blend of dark and amber maple syrups equal a fresh and fantastic way to enjoy maple season! This soda is dangerous to have around the house because it's so freakin good! Mix with: Sortilege, light or dark rum, vodka. Nutritional info: 29g Carb per can